Workshops & Upcoming Events


A One Day Anusara Yoga Intensive

Saturday June 8th 

with Anna Ourusoff

Creating From The Inside Out




All Levels welcome! Come and gather in the company of one another to experience a breakthrough in your embodyment! We will access the deep and abiding presence of our center, the core of our being, and create our yoga poses from there. In a world that entices us to create our identity from the outside in, to connect to these inner most levels of ourselves has us discover the delight of knowing the truth that we are powerful beyond what we had ever believed. This is the gift of our practice. Together, we will celebrate this deep knowing and find the courage to express our deeper essential nature, which is boundless joy and freedom. 


9:00am - noon ~ Moveing through a family of poses that ground us to the earth and allow us to rise with unshakable integrity, accessing deep trust. 

2:00 - 5:00pm ~ Having found our roots, we will explore our willingness and courage to open hearts, finding the beauty of exquisite vulnerability to trust expressing and creating from the inside out.